About us

HKMFTA was founded by a group of MFT educators and practitioners with shared vision to create a platform for those who are practicing from different orientations and therapeutic models to initiate dialogue and exchange ideas in Hong Kong. We believe that by openly and respectfully listening to each other, we will foster better practices to help families who are dealing with increasing stress and uncertainty in Hong Kong.

HKMFTA was established collaboratively by various interested parties and individuals. We are joined by amazing talents and have generated some creative ideas thus far, and we want to keep it going by including more voices. We sincerely hope that you will participate in this endeavor by letting us know your views and sharing your ideas. We also hope that you will invite more like-minded people to join us. Our goal is to make HKMFTA a professional body that reflects as many views from the field as possible.

This newsletter is sent to you as a benefit of your HKMFTA membership. Please let us know if you prefer not to receive this in the future by emailing to newsletterhkmfta@gmail.com.

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