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From the Editor

Dear members, 


Thank you for your interest and faith in the HKMFTA. Each of our members share the same vision of the HKMFTA as a platform to dialogue, share, exchange and co-create ideas, knowledge, learnings and experiences relevant to relationship and family therapy, systemic counselling,  and psychotherapy from different orientations and therapeutic models. Family therapy continuously evolves and eludes definitive descriptions. Before we address the question of "how to" do family therapy, the question of "what is" family therapy is especially salient for us in Hong Kong.  


There is no doubt that family therapy as taught and practiced in Hong Kong originated from a "western" orientation with heaviest influences from North America and from the global English speaking communities. Leaving aside whether there was ever an indigenous version of family therapy before "family therapy" landed in Hong Kong in the 1980's or 90's, how is family therapy doing nowadays? What does the Hong Kong community think of family therapy? Who will think of family therapy? And how do they think that family therapy will be helpful? These are questions of how non-practitioners perceive family therapy. And these are also questions of how practitioners perceive their own professional identities as family therapists. 


The HKMFTA hopes to facilitate the discussion of these important questions. This newsletter is part of this facilitation discussion.  We had one ad hoc newsletter prior to this one. We hope to launch a regular newsletter for our members to continue and to actuate the mission of the HKMFTA .  We hope that you will find the newsletter helpful. We welcome your contributions. It can be articles, announcements, coming events or other newsworthy. Or it can be constructive comments or feedback. This can be done through email.  

Lastly, this newsletter welcomes contents in Chinese or English or both bilingually. No translation service is provided. We reserve our right to pick and choose which submitted information to publish in the newsletter  and when it will be published.

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